A huge new house in Paunat

The foundations

While all of our trades have taken on this project, let’s focus more closely on masonry and carpentry. Here, the house takes non-standard measurements : 300m2, on two floors. The foundation is a critical point in this case.

The bearing walls

Then come the bearing walls. For this house, it’s more than 3,500 bricks that were used!

The exterior woodwork

Once walls are up, it is time to setup the exterior woodwork. Here again, we have impressive dimensions, with a bay window over 6m!

External insulation

The client chose external insulation. The main advantage of this technique is that it brings near zero thermal bridges, heat loss leaders.

The plaster

Finally, we also dealt with the plaster. A not easy task, due to the large surface of the walls.

We came back to Paunat 1 year after the work was done, to find the house more warm and welcoming than ever.

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